Cloning of Two Monkeys again after 20 Years

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LONDON: After 20 years Chinese scientists have cloned monkeys exploitation an equivalent technique that made Dolly the sheep twenty years agone, breaking a technical barrier that would open the door to repetition humans.

Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, 2 identical long-tailed macaques, were born eight and 6 weeks agone, creating them the primary primates — the order of mammals that features monkeys, apes and humans — to be cloned from a non-embryonic cell.

It was achieved through a method referred to as cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), that involves transferring the nucleus of a cell, which has its deoxyribonucleic acid, into associate degree egg that has had its nucleus removed.

Researchers at the Chi­nese Academy of Sciences Institute of neurobiology in Shanghai same their work ought to be a boon to medical analysis by creating it potential to check diseases in populations of genetically uniform monkeys.

But it conjointly brings the practicability of biological research to the sill of our own species.

“Humans area unit primates. therefore (for) the biological research of prim­ate species, as well as hum­ans, the technical barrier is currently broken,” Muming Poo, United Nations agency helped supervise the programme at the institute, told reporters in an exceedingly telephone call.

“The reason … we tend to poor this barrier is to provide animal models that area unit helpful for medication, for human health. there’s no intention to use this technique to humans.” Genetically identical animals area unit helpful in analysis as a result of unsupportive factors caused by genetic variability in non-cloned animals will complicate experiments. they may be accustomed take a look at new medicine for a spread of diseases before clinical use.

The two newborns area unit currently being bottle fed and area unit growing ordinarily. The rese­a­rchers same they expect additional Old World monkey clones to turn over the approaching months.

Since Dolly — cloning’s youngster — was born in European nation in 1996, scientists have with success used SCNT to clone over twenty different species, as well as cows, pigs, dogs, rabbits, rats and mice.

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